authors_1.jpgResearch Task - author study

Click here for the timeline for the research assignment

Formal Writing

The Formal Writing Assessment task

Click on the file below, for the Film Review Assessment we have worked on in class.

If you plan on redoing this internal assessment, read the task first.you_can_do_it.gif

Preparation for Formal Writing - Film Review

Formative task - Review of Forrest Gump

This is a review by the famous film critic Roger Ebert (from the Chicago Sun newspaper). This is less enthusiastic review from the TV guide

tux_man.gifThe Persuasive Speech (using visual aids)

Click on the powerpoint presentation for a reminder about this internal assessment.
The powerpoint tells you what you need to do, and suggest ways to go about doing it.

Unit Standard 12419 - Poetic Text Analysis
How to make sure you don't BOMB on this internal!!

Click on this link to get some help on tackling an unfamiliar poem.
Many students indicated that they have 'gaps' in their understanding of Language Features, (sometimes called
Figures of Speech), so if that's you, head off to this site to 'play'.